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Monroe Sports Association Info

Mail to: PO Box 183, Monroe OH, 45050

Make checks payable to: MSA (Monroe Sports Association)
***DO NOT mail registration form after registration deadline, registration may be declined


Q:  Is my child guaranteed a spot on a team if he/she is signed up by the registration deadline?

A:  Yes.  The only exception is if we don't have enough players to make up one team for a specific division.  However, we will do everything we can to get them on a team; it just might not be entirely made up of Monroe kids.


Q:  We do not live in Monroe city limits, nor does my child attend Monroe Schools.  Can my child still sign up?

A:  For Softball - Yes.  MSA fastpitch softball is a recreational league and is not boundary based, nor ran by the city or school system.  However, if your daughter is within the boundaries of another softball organization that MSA is affiliated with, then a Letter of Release (LOR) is required to play in Monroe. Please ask a board memeber for further details.

A:  For Baseball - NO.  MSA baseball is a part of Little League and we have specific boundries in which our players may live in.  If you do not attend a school in Monroe, nor do you live within our LL boundries, then unfortunately you may not play Monroe baseball.  Our boundries map may be found in the "Downloadable Forms & Files" section of our website.


Q:  When will I know what team my child is on?

A:  We encourage our coaches to call/email their players within a few days following the draft.  The draft is usually towards the end of February or the first part of March.  If you haven't heard anything from a coach by the middle of March, please let us know.


Q:  I missed the registration deadline.  Can I still sign my child up?

A:  Maybe.  We have a set maximum roster amount of 12/13 players per team.  If we hit our max roster limit, we will close divisions after the registration deadline. However, if a division is still open, we will accept registrations after the deadline for an additional few weeks; or until that division reaches its max player count.  We are also bound by the rules associated with the organizations we play under as to how late we can add additional children to rosters.


Q:  Is my child old enough to play?

A:  Please see our "Registation Information" page for specific age guidelines for baseball & softball.


Q:  Can my child play "up" in a league?

A:  We discourage playing up due to either danger factors, or it not being fair to other kids on the team.  However, we do take it on a case by case issue.


Q:  When do practices start?

A:  Based on the draft usually being the middle of March, practices usually start towards the end of March (depending on coach and the weather) or the first week of April.


Q:  When dos the season start and how long is it?

A:  The season usually runs from the first Saturday in May through the end of June.  A lot depends on the age/division, the league they're associated with, and if the child opts to participate in any team tournaments that occur after the regular season is compete.


Q:  Does spring soccer conflict with baseball/softball?

A:  MSA does not guarantee that baseball/softball will not conflict with spring soccer. Coaches determine when the team you are drafted to will practice.  Both boys and girls teams have games both during the week and on Saturdays.  Times are determined by the home teams league.


Q:  Can I request a specific coach?

A:  NO.  The exception is T-Ball, in which you can request that your child play with another child because it helps them to be more comfortable with the new baseball/softball experience. 


Q:  If my child had a bad experience with a specific coach; can I request not to have this coach again?

A:  Yes.  However, we would like to know the reason why.  Please submit your reason in writing to the board, you can do this in the comments on the registration page.


Q:  Can I request my child play with specific friends?

A:  NO. We do not honor requests for children to play with specific people.  The only way to guarantee your child plays with a specific person is for the parents to coach the same team together.  


Q:  Can I withdrawal my child?

A:  Yes.  You can always withdraw your child. All Registrations are non-refundable. However, there may be special circumstances that permit the League\Organization to approve a refund. Please contact the League\Organization for the exact refund policy.


Q:  My child is new to playing baseball/softball....

What do they need?

  • Shoes - Either tennis shoes or cleats.  Cleats would benefit them.  You can pick up used cleats at a used sporting goods shop (like Play It Again Sports).
  • Glove - Any type will do.  Ensure that it is not too big or small for your child to handle the appropriate ball they will be playing with.
  • Helmet - It is not required that your child has a helmet. MSA does provide coaches with a couple helmets. However, with hair critters lately parents normally invest in a helmet, plus some of the ones provided by MSA are one size fits all so they might not fit well. ***NOTE: GIRLS U8 and up are required to have a face guard on the helmet, tball it is not required but suggested to get them used to wearing it.
  • Bat - It is not required that your child has a bat.  However, if you are planning on buying a bat for your child, it is suggested that you wait until after practices have started.  That way your child can try bats his teammates use and decide which size/weight is best for him/her.  The bat MUST have the USA Baseball stamp on it.  Bats without this stamp will be considered illegal and not allowed in a practice/game. For softball, the bat MUST have the USSSA stamp on it.
  • Ball - It is not required that your child have a ball, however it is recommended so your child can practice at home.  However, if you do purchase a ball; please make sure it is the correct size for their division.
    • Boys - TBall uses a safety style ball, Coach Pitch leagues and up use regular baseballs
    • Girls - see Girls softball section(at bottom of page)
  • Clothing - MSA provides a uniform, size chart in Registration Information
    • Boys - MSA provides a jersey top and matching hat. Pants are NOT provided.  Please wait until after the team knows what their uniform jersey color is to purchase pants.  Usually the team decides as a whole what color of pants to wear.
    • Girls - MSA provides jersey and shorts for TBall and U8, and jerseys and matching socks for U10 and up. Please wait until after the team knows what their uniform jersey color is to purchase pants.  Usually the team decides as a whole what color of pants to wear.
  • How much time is required?
    • Practices - Before games officially start, teams usually practice 2-3 times a week, depending on the coach.  Practices usually begin at 5:30 or 7:00 during the week.  Some coaches will also schedule a Saturday practice.  After games start, practices are usually scaled back to once per week at the coach's discretion.
    • Games - If the division is played all in-house (i.e. no traveling), then games are scheduled during the week, and Saturday mornings.  However, if a team travels, then games can be any day of the week.  We are at the mercy of the home teams league.