Sponsorship Information

Updated Monday November 19, 2018 by Monroe Sports Association.

Continuing for 2019, all sponsors can continue to choose a package that best fits their company's needs. We have multiple ways for your organization to be seen in our community. We offer packages that include advertising on uniforms, as well as our website, and banners throughout our beautiful park! Please help out the children of Monroe, and sponsor today, Forms and Level of Sponsorship is found below.



Sponsors of MSA should be motivated by the objective of making a community contribution. MSA recognizes that there are mutually significant benefits to be derived from sponsorship arrangements with businesses in its community. It is an important way for the league to raise funds for operations. Subject to the provisions of this document, MSA supports sponsorships that:


Are consistent with the core values of the MSA program and must clearly benefit the league.

Provides savings, discounts or benefits, which are tangible, ethical and are targeted at goods and services, which are needed by the league.

Generate funding to continue, enhance or extend projects and programs, facilities and services of the league.

The benefits of the sponsorship must go directly to the league.  MSA officers must not take or seek to take advantage of their position in order to obtain personal benefits.

Sponsorship, does not give the local sponsor any rights in the operation of the league. Nor does it give the local sponsor any rights to use the Little League, or MSA trademarks.


MSA 2019 Sponsor Form.pdf
MSA 2019 Sponsor Levels.pdf